Pump Servicing and Installation
Basement Sump Pump Installations

Some basements and cellars are prone to flooding either permanently, or just during periods of heavy rainfall. Water ingress may also be the result of a leaking external drain, rainwater down pipe or even a leaking water main.

It may be that you have no wish to convert your basement into a habitable area at this time, but are looking to control any water ingress that may be occurring. We can install a fully automated sump pump system that will keep this area free from flooding.

The Equipment

The pump/s are housed in a purpose made sump chamber and are set into the basement floor. A removable sealed lid is installed over the sump to provide access for later maintenance. Any water that may enter the basement is discharged automatically when required to do so into an external drain. Our installations include ground works, plumbing and electrics and we also offer maintenance and servicing which is recommended on an annual basis.

Extra protection using a 24v battery powered back up pump

Our system will include a high water level audible alarm that will activate in the unlikely event that the pump fails to operate when required. In high risk installations where flooding is known to occur and particularly where mains power failure is a factor, we are able to provide the addition of a 24v battery backup pump and control panel. This equipment includes an additional 24v pump which is installed in the same sump as the main pump/s and will provide temporary cover should the mains electricity supply fail.

Pump Servicing and Inspections

If you already have a pump system installed in your basement, Hatchmore Space can provide maintenance, servicing or replacement of the equipment which is essential for the ongoing reliability of the system.

This covers an inspection, clean and test of the pumps, sump and high water level alarm installation (if installed). We would normally recommend that this is carried out on an annual basis.

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