Garage Conversions

If you already have the space, why not use it to its full potential and add value to your home at the same time.

A garage can be converted and utilised for pretty much any use

Most domestic garage space is wasted or under utilised. Many garages are too small for the average car and tend to be used for storage purposes.

This valuable unused space could be converted into a beautiful new living area for less cost than you may imagine. A garage conversion is likely to be a fraction of what it would be to move house and certainly less than building an extension.

If your property has a double garage, you may want to consider converting half of it, giving you extra living space, whilst still leaving room for the car or storage.

Much of the process is similar to a basement conversion but will not normally require waterproofing and drainage unless it is subterranean or is of solid wall construction (i.e. the wall does not incorporate a cavity or is of solid construction).

Most garage conversions will not require planning permission but will need to conform to current building regulations. Please see our separate page regarding building regulations.

Possible uses could be:

● An extra bedroom maybe with an en-suite bathroom
● Playroom
● Home office
● Gym
● An exciting new home cinema!

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