Building Regulations

Building regulations are a set of legal requirements laid down by the government to set standards for the design and construction of buildings.

Building regulations will almost certainly apply to your basement or garage conversion and cover all aspects of its construction including structure, fire safety, ventilation, conservation of fuel and electrical safety.

You should be cautious if any contractor offers you a conversion without the involvement of the local authority building control department or an independent building control company.

Building Regulations break down into 14 sections as follows:

Part A - Structure
Part B - Fire safety
Part C - Site preparation and resistance to moisture
Part D - Toxic substances
Part E - Resistance to the passage of sound
Part F - Ventilation
Part G - Hygiene
Part H - Drainage and waste disposal
Part J - Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems
Part K - Protection from falling, collision and impact
Part L - Conservation of fuel and power
Part M - Access to and use of buildings
Part N - Glazing - safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning
Part P - Electrical safety

Hatchmore Space will take care of the building control process.

We submit the building control application (normally a building notice) and arrange for the building inspector to make periodic visits as work progresses. It is important to note that on completion of your project a’ final certificate of completion’ will be issued. This document will need to be produced should you wish to sell the property in the future. The certificate is proof that the works where carried out in compliance with building regulations.

Planning Permission

Most Basement and garage conversions are not likely to require planning permission, unless your property is a listed building or is within a conservation area. Some garage conversions may require planning where the permitted development rights of the building have been withdrawn. Planning permission will be required if you intend to convert your basement into a separate / self contained dwelling.

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